Western Paintings by William Gollings

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William Gollings

Bucking Broncos, cowboys wildly riding across the range, lone horses grazing in front of Teepees: these are all images captured in Elling William Gollings’ (1878-1932) paintings. Documenting the Old West in the 1890s when it was beginning to wane as a way of life and movement, William Gollings worked in watercolor, oils, and etchings.

Called “Paint Bill,” Gollings became so acquainted with proper form on a horse that he was frequently called upon to judge rodeos based on the competitors’ technique.

Often likened to famed journalist and illustrator Frederic Remington, who archived the Great Frontier, Gollings was lauded for his authenticity and what has been called a similar elegiac tone in the works he produced.

Becoming a part of the work he painted, American artist William Gollings became a bit of a cowboy himself, rendering the movement and details of horses with the utmost accuracy. He wasn’t just an observer of the American West, in other words – he truly participated in it. When he first arrived in the West from Chicago, he borrowed a horse from his brother’s ranch in Montana, saddled up, and traveled the “grub trail,” with other riders, working odd jobs along the way to get by and explore the range, which became the subject of all his works.

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