Winter Landscapes by American Impressionist Painter Walter Launt Palmer

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Artist Walter Palmer

Tree branches laden with snow, ponds frozen over, walkways covered in ice: though sometimes treacherous, these winter scenes can also be a wonderful sight. American impressionist painter Walter Launt Palmer (1854 – 1932) sought these white landscapes as subject matter for his art. Even with the blanched skies and colorless snow, Palmer still viewed these winter scenes as an opportunity to master his use of color, creating shadows in blue and painting reflections of light in the snow and water. Much of his work centered around depicting the blustery environment of the Hudson River Valley, where he lived and trained for most of his artistic career.

Carefully capturing sun through trees and sun on snow, Palmer believed that painting from memory was an exercise in creating authentic renditions of the world around him. “Paint from memory if you can, from nature if you must,” Palmer advised in an essay entitled, “On the Painting of Snow.”  “Make endless sketches from nature with all possible fidelity and accuracy, then put them all out of sight and paint your picture from the facts that have been the most vividly recorded in your mind.  It will be a long time before you can do it, but it will be worth while when done” (Source).

Walter Launt Palmer’s painting Snow-Bound Brook certainly does just that, honestly conveying his understanding of a frozen snowscape in a fine example of his best work. This impressionist piece is available for sale in our gallery – pricing details are available upon request.

Ackerman’s Fine Art is actively purchasing works by American Impressionist painter Walter Launt Palmer.

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