The Space and Simplicity of Takanori Oguiss

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Takanori Ogisu | Ackerman's Fine Art

France has been the muse of many artists. Takanori Oguiss sought to capture the soul of the streets and corners of Paris.  Originally from Japan, Oguiss became enthralled with his adopted home, delighting in the everyday details.  While the citizens of Paris took for granted the sights they walked pass every day, Oguiss immortalized them on canvas.

In the early twentieth century, artists across Asia were flocking to Paris.  Emerging artists hoped to both broaden themselves and to learn European technique. Ougiss came to the city in 1927 and moved into the Montparnasse district.  Originally named Ogisu, he began to go by Oguiss to better assimilate with the French.

Renoir, Degas, and Utrillo

Renoir and Degas were early influences, but Ougiss shares more similarities with Maurice Utrillo.  Utrillo was known for his paintings of Paris’ Montmartre district.  Like Utrillo, Oguiss did not include depictions of people wandering the streets.  By placing focus on the architecture, this better celebrates the character and aesthetics of the buildings themselves.  There is also reverence for space and simplicity.

Despite the initial impression of quite stillness, there is life and vibrancy.  Takanori Oguiss did not need to rely on the inclusion of figures in order to make the streets feel real and lived-in.  Instead, he imbued the buildings with enough character to make them engaging.

Oguiss’ works carry many hallmarks of Expressionism.  The use of bold brushstrokes and bright color create a sense of animation.  The buildings appear blotted and thick.  It is as if the viewer is gazing out of a rain streaked window.

Takanori Oguiss returned to Japan during the duration of World War II. In Japan, Oguiss gained recognition and was kept busy at art shows.  He also used this time to focus on his writing.  The novel, Nouvelles de Paris, was illustrated and written by him.

After the war, Takanori Oguiss returned to his first love, France. Here, he continued to work until his death in 1986.


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