Our approach is simple; we do whatever is in the best interests of our clients, no exceptions. We strive to form and cultivate relationships, rather than make individual sales. We approach every client relationship in the role of a fiduciary or advocate, and as such maintain the highest ethical standards.

At Ackerman’s, we are committed to putting the clients’ interests ahead of our own and take great pride in serving as their gateway to the art market. We provide assistance with building, refining, maintaining, and divesting their collections with a level of personalized service, transparency, and integrity unmatched in the art world.

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Concierge Gallery

As a concierge gallery, we provide assistance with all tasks large and small, providing a platform where our clients can accomplish everything in one place. We help our clients navigate every facet of the art market, including but not limited to: art collection management, valuations, authentication, provenance research, restoration, financing, and negotiating public and private transactions. At Ackerman’s Fine Art, we strive to deliver investment-quality works of art that our clients will be be proud of and passionate about.

Art Advisory

Ackerman’s is committed to helping clients avoid the art market’s ubiquitous pitfalls, including overpaying for works, buying fakes, and paying overblown fees or unnecessary expenses. As a result, we save our clients time, money, and aggravation. Ackerman’s provides objective, discreet, and knowledgeable consulting services to individual collectors and public and private institutions.

Frequently  Asked Questions

Looking to sell an investment-quality work of art or collection?

Ackerman’s offers a variety of options: sell your artwork directly to us or consign to our gallery to maximize value.

Looking to acquire the finest quality artwork in the secondary market?

Through our extensive network of collectors, dealers, and private institutions, Ackerman’s gives you access to the finest works available on the market. We are experienced at acquiring quality art at the best price possible.

Looking to learn the value of your art, or determine authenticity?

Ackerman’s is adept at determining the market value of artwork, assisting clients with provenance research, and obtaining Certificates of Authenticity from the foremost experts.

Have other collection management needs?

Ackerman’s provides white-glove service covering all aspects of art collection management. We uphold the highest industry standards with regard to restoration, framing, lighting and installation, storage and shipping, inventory management, and more.