What Clients Are Saying

Efficient and Professional

“I consigned a painting with Ackerman’s Fine Art around May of 2016. Dealing with them was easy and straight forward. We agreed on a target price for the painting and they went ahead and did what they do. Several months later they communicated an offer to me which was very close to the target and asked if I wanted to accept or keep going. Since I was wanting the funds from the sale for another investment I decided to accept the offer. The funds less their agreed upon commission, which I thought was fair, were wired into my account quickly with the entire experience was efficient and professional. I would definitely work with them again the next time I’m interested in buying or selling a work of art.”



Jeffrey S.
Beverly Hills, CA

Everything Was Perfect

“I received the painting and it is wonderful. The painting was delivered as scheduled and everything was perfect. You hadn’t even told me of the quality of the frame, which is superb. I will highly recommend Ackerman’s to anyone looking to buy quality fine art. And I assure you that I’ll be back to your well in short order. You guys are the best!”

Mark J.
Bethesda, MD

We Recommend Ackerman’s

“We were very satisfied with our experience dealing with Ackerman’s Fine Art and recommend doing business with them. “

Harry L.
New York, NY

The Transaction Was Flawless

“Mr. Ackerman was accessible, courteous, and totally reliable in helping me dispose of a painting held in my collection for quite some time. Communications were conducted by phone and email and the transaction was flawless.”

John H.
Asheville, NC

A Joy To Do Business With

“I could not be happier with the smoothness of our transaction and the professionalism shown by Ackerman’s Fine Art. Mr. Ackerman was a joy to do business with, and I would not hesitate to do business with him again.”

Kate H.
Van Alstyne, TX

Thank You

Charles Camoin | Ackerman's Fine Art

“We’ve just received the Camoin and we really like it, thank you! This is our first business together, and we would be happy to buy other paintings from you in the future. “

Galerie Alexis Pentchefe
Marseille, France