John George Brown: Painting Utopian Escapism During the American Civil War

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Artist John George Brown

The world utopia comes from the combination of two Greek words – ou (not) and topos (place). This renders the word to literally mean not a real place or nowhere. John George Brown’s paintings depicted such a place. Paintings of street children of New York City depicted as nothing more than scruffy carefree rascals were Brown’s specialty. He was hailed … Read More

“The Boot-Black Raphael:” John George Brown

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John George Brown

Though born in England, John George Brown (1831-1913) hopped the Atlantic stateside by his early twenties, settling down in Brooklyn, New York – a city whose scenes would inspire the works that made him one of the most successful painters of the 19th century. Like a romanticized and Americanized version of the Oliver Twist story, Brown became known for his … Read More