William Stanley Haseltine: Understanding the Romance

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William Stanley Haseltine

A typical painting by William Stanley Haseltine is calming, friendly and has a wonderful romantic quality. Scenes of waves grazing across a worn stony shore, illuminating bright light, and reflective waters are all hallmarks. After graduating from Harvard in 1852, Haseltine briefly studied with Paul Weber, a German landscape artist. In 1855, Haseltine held his first show at the Pennsylvania … Read More

Collecting George Inness Paintings

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George Inness

George Inness is recognized for paintings that are unique for their structure and atmosphere. He moved away from the dramatic, panoramic style of the Hudson RiverSchool of painting and adopted a quieter, tonalist expression of nature.  When collecting his work there are certain elements you may want to look for to ensure you are buying the best examples of his … Read More

Hudson River School Painter Albert Bierstadt at New York Art Gallery

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Artist Albert Bierstadt

After Jefferson made the Louisiana Purchase and Westward Expansion had begun, Manifest Destiny arose: the idea that moving to the frontier offered a beacon of light in gaining independence and wealth. German-American painter Albert Bierstadt (1830-1902), became a part of the movement across the Great West, and his work is considered a representation of that journey. Bierstadt’s paintings depicted the … Read More