Everett Shinn and The Ashcan School Philosophy

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Turn of the century America saw a shift in focus from rural life to city life. Painters like Everett Shinn were chroniclers of this change. Everett Shinn was an American artist born in New Jersey in 1876. He began his career as a newspaper illustrator, working for such publications as The Philadelphia Press, The World, and Harper’s Weekly. While Shinn … Read More

Collecting George Inness Paintings

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George Inness

George Inness is recognized for paintings that are unique for their structure and atmosphere. He moved away from the dramatic, panoramic style of the Hudson RiverSchool of painting and adopted a quieter, tonalist expression of nature.  When collecting his work there are certain elements you may want to look for to ensure you are buying the best examples of his … Read More

Guy Rose: American Impressionist Painter of California Landscapes

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Guy Rose (1867-1925) was one of the few American protégés of Monet, the founder of French impressionist painting. It was his mentorship under the art legend that helped Rose to transplant the impressionist style to California, bringing the tradition to the American West. Home to a diverse array of landscapes, California presented itself as an ideal region to be depicted … Read More