Hope and Optimism of American Illustrator, John Falter

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American Illustrator John Falter

The art of John Falter is idyllic. Like many American Illustrators of his time, his work is a celebration of Americana and the American way of life. These images are a romanticized vision of America during the middle of the last century. John Falter’s career was largely supported by magazine covers. The Great Depression was in full swing and many … Read More

Enduring icons of N.C. Wyeth

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Action/Adventure stories mesmerize readers of all ages. King Arthur brandishing Excalibur, Robin Hood with his trusty band of Merry Men, and scowling pirates are all beloved images that have made up the backdrop of many childhoods. Illustrator N. C. Wyeth became known for his portrays of these tales. Wyeth’s artistic talent coupled with a sense of adventure gave him the … Read More

Maxfield Parrish: Blending Ancient and Modern

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The art of Maxfield Frederick Parrish is a window into a serene, dreamlike world. His illustrations of fairy tales and mythical places are reminiscent of childhood. They capture a sense of wonder. His great technical skill coupled with his sensitivity quickly won him fans. Prints of his work were popular. A survey conducted in 1925 found that one out of … Read More