The Significance of American Modernism

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During the turn of the nineteenth century, the world changed rapidly. Information and people could move with greater ease. These changes had a profound effect on art. Artists experimented with new materials and techniques. Technology such as photography transformed how visual mediums were explored. This opened many to the idea that art does not need to be a replication of … Read More

Henry Farny: Romantic Realism of the American West

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Western artist Henry Francois Farny

Nineteenth century America saw the expansion of the country and the depletion of Native American land. As the Native Americans were pushed further and further away from their homes, the public became enamored with the idea of them. They felt as if Native American culture was disappearing and constructed romantic notions of these people. Henry Farny was among the first … Read More

Collecting Daniel Ridgway Knight Paintings

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Daniel Ridgway Knight

Daniel Ridgway Knight was born in Philadelphia to Quaker parents in 1839. He began studying art at the Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts and later in Paris at the Ecole des Beaux-Arts.  During his education, some of his fellow classmates were notable artists and influencers such as Mary Cassatt, Thomas Eakins, Everett Shinn, Pierre Auguste Renoir and Alfred Sisley. Knight … Read More

Painting America’s Past: Gerald Harvey Jones

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Gerald Harvey Jones

Though Gerald Harvey’s (b. 1933) painting career took off in the 1960s, his iconic oil paintings evoke an earlier era: a time when horse-drawn carriages traversed the cobblestone streets of American cities during the turn of the century, while streetcars began competing as a viable means of transportation. Harvey is known for his use of light – light which is … Read More