Birger Sandzen | Poet Painter

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Birger Sandez

An art critic commenting on Sandzen’s work praised the artist as a “poet painter” that captured the natural world in resplendent color. This is certainly true of Birger Sandzen’s impressive catalogue of paintings—a celebration of nature or, as Sandzen called it, the “great teacher.” Birger Sandzen was born in 1871 in Sweden. In Paris he learned of pointillism—a technique in … Read More

Collecting Daniel Ridgway Knight Paintings

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Daniel Ridgway Knight

Daniel Ridgway Knight was born in Philadelphia to Quaker parents in 1839. He began studying art at the Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts and later in Paris at the Ecole des Beaux-Arts.  During his education, some of his fellow classmates were notable artists and influencers such as Mary Cassatt, Thomas Eakins, Everett Shinn, Pierre Auguste Renoir and Alfred Sisley. Knight … Read More

Rudolf Bauer’s Non-Objective Art

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With success as both a commercial illustrator and experimental master, German painter Rudolf Bauer (1889-1953) was a multi-faceted artist. Creating political cartoons and graphics that appeared in popular magazines, Rudolf Bauer was well-regarded by the public, who latched on to his amusing caricatures with satirical expressions that gently poked fun of certain aspects of society. But Rudolf Bauer was more … Read More

A Cowboy Artist of America: Martin Grelle, Available at New York Art Gallery

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Martin Grelle

A modern-day cowboy artist, Martin Grelle (b. 1954) depicts historical settings of the American West with great accuracy. Conducting research to convey his subjects with precision, Martin Grelle’s paintings integrate landscapes with human figures in realistic detail. From Native Americans wandering amidst grand mountainscapes to riders on horseback stopping by a serene stream in the valley, Grelle renders all aspects … Read More

Realist Painter Robert Henri and The Ashcan School

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Robert Henri

“Art for life’s sake” – that was the motto of urban Realist painter Robert Henri (1865 – 1929), who was a founding member of the artistic movement known as the Ashcan School. Operating in counter distinction to American Impressionists, the Ashcan painters conceived of art as a medium to depict life in New York City around the turn of the … Read More

Hudson River School Painter Albert Bierstadt at New York Art Gallery

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Artist Albert Bierstadt

After Jefferson made the Louisiana Purchase and Westward Expansion had begun, Manifest Destiny arose: the idea that moving to the frontier offered a beacon of light in gaining independence and wealth. German-American painter Albert Bierstadt (1830-1902), became a part of the movement across the Great West, and his work is considered a representation of that journey. Bierstadt’s paintings depicted the … Read More

How Are Paintings Restored? | Art Restoration Specialists

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Art Restoration

Art restoration: the phrase made headlines this past summer when an elderly woman made a botched attempt at fixing an “ecce homo” fresco of Christ by Elias Garcia Martinez in the Santuario de la Misericordia. Though an extreme example, the religious portrait turned monkey-like painting is solid proof that even well-intentioned art restorations can go wrong. So what is art … Read More

Western Paintings by William Gollings

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William Gollings

Bucking Broncos, cowboys wildly riding across the range, lone horses grazing in front of Teepees: these are all images captured in Elling William Gollings’ (1878-1932) paintings. Documenting the Old West in the 1890s when it was beginning to wane as a way of life and movement, William Gollings worked in watercolor, oils, and etchings. Called “Paint Bill,” Gollings became so … Read More