Collecting Abstract Expressionism

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Abstract Expressionism is a vast and inclusive genre. What sets it apart is not color or technique but intent. The Abstract Expressionists sought to convey spontaneity and raw emotion through abstraction. Many viewed art as ascension to something deeper and more spiritual. Folk lore and the primitive unconscious are often cited as sources of inspiration. From Jackson Pollock’s drip paintings … Read More

The Meaningful Abstraction of Richard Pousette-Dart

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Richard Pousette-Dart

Over the course of his career a major goal of Richard Pousette-Dart was “to express the spiritual nature of the universe.” The works that he produced were transcendental and contemplative, rich with meaning. His fierce independence set him apart from contemporaries. The paintings show a unique side to the early Abstract Expressionist movement. Pousette-Dart was the youngest of the first … Read More

Richard Clifford Diebenkorn’s Berkeley Period

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Richard Clifford Diebenkorn

Between 1946 and 1953, Richard Clifford Diebenkorn moved several times for jobs and opportunities.  He created bodies of work that represent “periods” in his career and artistic development.  The works created during a period reflect the inspiration found where he was living at the time.  He produced abstract or abstract expressionist works as part of his Sausalito Period, Albuquerque Period, … Read More