Satirical Strokes: The Nude Portraiture of John Currin

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Artist John Currin

John Currin

John Currin (b.1962) is a part of the modern resurgence of figurative painting, and his work explores the eroticism of the female form. His highly technical skill, which conjures up comparisons of Renaissance portraits, makes it easy to forget that John Currin satirizes his subjects. Often exaggerating the proportions of women’s bodies, Currin draws inspiration from the modern day models and popular magazines that present what some will argue is an equally distorted view of what women’s bodies look like.

In his parody, John Currin makes his own social commentary about the pressure to keep up with appearances, about the desire of middle-aged women to look young – even if they wind up making themselves look preposterous in so doing. With heads too small for bodies and vice versa, John Currin draws attention to what has become the ideal body type and the way that women are often expected to look.

Considered highly controversial and known to provoke offense, John Currin’s paintings unabashedly take viewers outside of their comfort zone, forcing onlookers to confront his often awkwardly represented nudes. Critics and fans alike await his next move, ever-shocked by the places he goes with paint.


To learn more about the nude portraitures of John Currin, please watch our video below:

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