Rudolf Bauer’s Non-Objective Art

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Rudolf Bauer

Artist Rudolf Bauer

With success as both a commercial illustrator and experimental master, German painter Rudolf Bauer (1889-1953) was a multi-faceted artist. Creating political cartoons and graphics that appeared in popular magazines, Rudolf Bauer was well-regarded by the public, who latched on to his amusing caricatures with satirical expressions that gently poked fun of certain aspects of society.

But Rudolf Bauer was more than just a cartoonist – he created avant-garde pieces that played with concepts from Cubism, Futurism, and Constructivism. His work was key to the non-objective art movement, which was a form of abstract art influenced by Cubism. In this type of work, the subject matter is not recognizable, and the focus is on crafting a symphonic grouping of shapes and color. As its name suggests, then, non-objective art contains no real object – or at least not one that is identifiable as something familiar.

Rudolf Bauer’s experiments in this medium were effectively emotive, his pieces making allusions to weighty topics like the war in a period when Germany had outlawed negative portrayals of the war. Titling his works with phrases that translate to expressions like, “miserable field of gray,” and painting crosses interpreted as representations of the casualties of war, Rudolf Bauer found a way around the stipulations on expressionism in his cultural milieu.

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Rudolf Bauer: A Non-Objective Point of View


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