Dine | Random Sewing | Ackerman's Fine ArtAckerman’s Fine Art purchases and accepts consignments to our gallery. We offer a generous commissions to individuals and art professionals who make introductions to third parties that result in a completed transactions.  Regarding individuals who are precluded from compensation due to a conflict of interest, Ackerman’s makes every effort to reciprocate appropriately via referrals and access to our network.

In order to avoid conflicts of interest, Ackerman’s will never accept a fee or commission from a third party when acting in an advisory role. This applies mainly to acquiring or selling works from galleries, artists, or other third parties. This ensures complete objectivity, which is necessary to fulfill the fiduciary duty afforded to our clients.

We take great care in working with fine art industry experts and business professionals to maintain the highest level of integrity and transparency.

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To inquire about our certified referral program, please contact Kenny Ackerman, Principal of Ackerman’s Fine Art at (800) 791-6509, or use the form below.