A Cowboy Artist of America: Martin Grelle, Available at New York Art Gallery

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Martin Grelle

A modern-day cowboy artist, Martin Grelle (b. 1954) depicts historical settings of the American West with great accuracy. Conducting research to convey his subjects with precision, Martin Grelle’s paintings integrate landscapes with human figures in realistic detail. From Native Americans wandering amidst grand mountainscapes to riders on horseback stopping by a serene stream in the valley, Grelle renders all aspects of the Great American West in his work.

With a seize the day mentality towards his life and work, in many ways, Grelle himself represents the exploratory attitude so often attributed to Frontiersmen: “Each day is a new adventure,” he remarks.  “Another chance for me to learn something, make a new friend, teach my children and grow as a person and as an artist” (Source).

There’s no doubt Grelle has learned a great deal, as he was nominated for membership in the Cowboy Artists of America in 1995, a prestigious organization founded in the 1960s in efforts to give cowboy artists the opportunity to regularly connect while preserving the tradition of authentically portraying life in the West.

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Martin Grelle


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