From Wall Street to Warhol: Kenny Ackerman of Ackerman’s Fine Art, LLC

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Ackerman Art
Kenny Ackerman of Ackerman's Fine Art

Kenny Ackerman of Ackerman’s Fine Art

“When I was a kid, I could’ve walked by a Monet or Picasso and I would not have even turned my head,” admits Kenny Ackerman, owner of Ackerman’s Fine Art, as he explains the genesis of his interest in the art world. After graduating from Tulane University, Kenny spent seventeen years working as a Wall Street Trader, a time he spent more concerned with racing thoroughbreds than with accumulating a collection of fine and contemporary paintings.

After retiring from Wall Street at the young age of 39, Kenny’s interests took a 360 degree turn. These days Kenny has trouble seeing a work of art – whether in a magazine ad, a T.V show or in one of New York’s great museums – without stopping to scrutinize. “Art is unbelievable to look at,” he explains. “Most people buy stocks and bonds,” but with the instability of the market, Ackerman believes more and more people are turning to art: “it is a tangible investment that provides enjoyment over a lifetime.”

Since 2001’ Kenny has been a collector and dealer of American and European paintings and watercolors from the 19th, 20th, and 21st centuries. “We have a lot of paintings that come to us for sale, but we are selective and only buy paintings that we feel are a good representation of a particular artist.” Ackerman owns all of his art inventory, and considers each piece a worthwhile investment that will ultimately either get passed on to another private collector or to a museum for the enjoyment and education of the public. “For the most part we try to buy paintings that we are comfortable holding for a very long time.”

Ackerman’s is dedicated to preserving both history and art appreciation. “Art often depicts what’s going on in the world at the time it was done, and it is a great way of seeing the history and changes of societies,” says Kenny. Conservation and continuation of the art world starts with authenticating the pieces he acquires, and often having his paintings restored. “Every painting that leaves our gallery is pristine and although they might have been restored, one would never know it using the naked eye.”

Offering his clients the opportunity to exchange, upgrade, and return pieces, Ackerman is committed to satisfying customers and helping them to expand their collections. Ackerman’s is also committed to exhibiting the core values of honesty, transparency, patience and loyalty, coupled with superior service and trust. Just check out the client testimonials as proof.

For a comprehensive list of the artists and inventory of Ackerman’s Fine Art, visit the website here today, or contact us by phone at (800) 791–6509 or email us here.

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