Jewish Artist from Berlin: Lesser Ury Paintings

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Artist Lesser Ury

Berlin: it’s long been considered a city full of revolutionary artwork. At the turn of the century, a group called the Berlin Secession jumpstarted a movement that would help put Berlin on the map as a place that produced radical art. Formed in 1898 as a counter group to the conservative art associations of the state, the Secessionists became known as an assemblage dedicated to supporting modernist trends.

Lesser Ury

Lesser Ury

Lesser Ury (1861-1931) was a part of the Berlin Secession, his oil and pastel paintings depicting landscapes and cityscapes as well as floral still life images and café interiors. Representing Germany’s capital with reverence, the mayor of Berlin labeled Ury, “the artistic glorifier of the capital,” on his 60th birthday (Source).

Known for his captivating use of color and light, European painter Lesser Ury depicted the metropolis of Berlin during the period in which the Prussian royal seat was turning into what would ultimately become the German Reich. During a time that provoked the beginnings of religious and cultural discrimination against the Jews, Lesser Ury was painting evocative historical pieces, showing the Jews suffering in Babylon and Moses looking out over Jerusalem. He also brought to life scenes from the Hebrew bible, large-scale renderings of the Tanach, many of which would be destroyed by the Nazis. Much of his work, in fact, regardless of subject, was lost during the Holocaust by virtue of Ury’s status as a Jewish artist.

Regardless of how much of his work remains, Lesser Ury was considered a distinctive artist of his era, his paintings unafraid to diverge from popular styles of the time; Ury created his own artistic path.

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