Jamie Wyeth Paintings: An American Realist Artist

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Jamie Wyeth

Jamie (James Browning) Wyeth (1946-present) was never childish about his dedication to becoming a disciplined artist – even as a child. By the time he was 12, he was pursuing an artistic career, studying under his aunt, Carolyn Wyeth, an established painter with her own studio. Integrating art into his education, Wyeth would become schooled in painting and drawing as though it were a regular part of his curriculum; following his morning home schooled lesson, he would head to the studio to begin his training.

Jamie Wyeth would spend his first year drawing spheres and cubes under the instruction of his aunt, a somewhat monotonous but necessary lesson in perfecting shapes. Mastering these basics taught him the rules that would allow him to expand as an artist, ultimately helping him to develop his own voice. His early start in the realm of art paid off, too: by the time he was 18, his paintings were in the permanent collections of the Wilmington Society of Art in Wilmington, Delaware, and in the William A. Farnsworth Library and Art Museum in Rockland, Maine.

Though primarily a realist painter, Wyeth’s work took many different forms, dabbling across mediums and experimenting with a myriad of techniques. Working in oil on canvas and oil on panel, he also created watercolors on commercially made and handmade paper alike, as well as on cardboard. In addition, he drew in pen and ink and would become known for his etchings and lithographs. He quite literally became a politicized painter, too, with his posthumous portrait of President John F. Kennedy, which he produced at age 21 after studying both photographs and motion pictures of JFK. Continuing his artistic involvement with the nation’s capital, Wyeth was commissioned by Harper’s Magazine to be one of the court artists for the Watergate trials and congressional hearings. Whatever the subject, Jamie Wyeth’s highly realistic works are fine commemorations and representations of the people and places he depicts.

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