How Art Stimulates Your Well-Being

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Stimulating Art

Art has always been an important part of humanity, but did you know it contributes to your overall well-being too. Every culture around the world is rich artistic history and presents its own unique style. Before technology, art was more at the center of our lives. Today with so many distractions, art plays an even more important role in our lives and it has many mental, physical and emotional benefits.

Art and Well-Being

Improves Cultural Awareness

One great benefit to incorporating art in your life is the richness of cultural diversity it provides. Each culture has its own unique art perspective and style. Artists have long been influenced by other cultures from their own and they share those inspirations and learning’s with us as viewers. Combining all these different perspectives of art helps a person appreciate different cultural values, realize alternative points of view and increases appreciation for not only art, but also cultures and traditions that differ from our own. This helps people become more well-rounded individuals.

Increases Creative Thought Process

Art offers us an escape from our increasingly interconnected fast paced world. Creating and experiencing art improves our ability to learn how to think with a vision or perhaps in new ways then we currently think for problem solving. Regularly exposure to art allows us to harness this creative thinking process and apply it to many other aspects of our hectic lives; family, professional and social situations. We could all take advantage of this benefit art provides.

Stimulates Learning

Our children engage in art projects to help develop their learning skills among other things. Painting, drawing, writing, music and dance are all part of the arts and including these in our lives stimulates the way we learn.  It’s not just for children.  Continued exposure to the arts into adulthood helps exercise our brains and improve the way we learn and awakens our senses.

Improves Overall Health

Art can also play a role in improving our health. Today many hospitals are strategically placing art to help their patients get well. Baby boomers that participate in arts programs enjoy a fulfilling way to help maintain their health.  Recent research shows that art has many benefits on your health in the areas of cognitive, physical, and social well-being.

Check out The National Center for Creative Aging’s  for arts programs around the U.S. that are widely used by middle-age and older adults.  Regularly go to museums, theaters, concerts and galleries to enjoy art.  Of course, include art in your living spaces at home and at work.  Surround yourself with art that inspires, challenges, calms or invigorates you. See how it affects you mentally and physically.  Art is so much more than just a pretty picture.



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