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Art Restoration

Art restoration: the phrase made headlines this past summer when an elderly woman made a botched attempt at fixing an “ecce homo” fresco of Christ by Elias Garcia Martinez in the Santuario de la Misericordia. Though an extreme example, the religious portrait turned monkey-like painting is solid proof that even well-intentioned art restorations can go wrong. So what is art restoration and when and why does it need to be performed? Let’s find out.

Art Restoration

You know that adage about computers becoming outdated from the moment they are purchased? Well, the same general principal holds true for art, in that it begins to age almost as soon as it is produced. As paint gets old and dirt accumulates on canvasses, the pieces need to be addressed by an experience conservator, who knows how to remove the dirt and revive the piece without damaging it.

Art restoration can also include the repair of paint loss, weakened canvass, tears, water damage, fire damage, insect damage, and more. The ultimate objective of the conservator is to bring stability to the artwork and carefully make repairs in such a way as to conserve the painting or artwork, just as their name suggests.

Art Conservationists

New York Art Gallery Ackerman’s Fine Art can pair its clients with experienced conservators that are well equipped to restore artwork back to its original glory and preserve pieces as they were meant to look when they were first created. As an independently owned and operated art dealer and broker, Ackerman’s is committed to personalizing the process of buying and selling valuable works of art, and can dedicate the time to assist customers in selecting an appropriate conservator, frame, and more for the pieces they wish to acquire or relinquish.


Kenny Ackerman is an Art Dealer in New York, specializing in Fine Art Paintings from 19th-21st century Europe and America. To buy or sell original paintings by artists we represent, contact Ackerman’s Fine Art here.


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