High Tech Collectors and The Art Market

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A new breed of fine art collector has come into the art market – tech company executives. A recent Business Insider article details the impact of these new collectors and the changes on the horizon.

With greater demand comes fluctuations in prices. You can expect to see drastic changes in auction numbers and the value of art. The sizable number of emerging collectors will be a new element in the market. The art that interests them will help dictate the new trends and affect the value of a wide number of pieces.

Newer Collections Based On Likes Over Value

At the moment, many of these tech executives are looking to start their collections. So far, no one style, artist, or era has come out as a collective favorite. They enjoy design and aesthetics. They base their purchases on what appeals to them. As they learn more about art and collecting, we may see them gravitate towards certain qualities.

One key that stood out in this article was the relationship between tech executives and art galleries. The best resource for any collector, new or experienced, is a knowledgeable advisor. Gauging the market can be a daunting task. It’s important to feel confident when buying or selling art. With a strong foundation, your collection will be both a secure investment and personally fulfilling. Galleries and dealers provide a relationship with the art community and an education like no other. Some offer concierge services that help further your understanding beyond money value. When looking to start or expand an art collection, partner with someone you trust.

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