The Art of G. Harvey: Positivity and Hope

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Gerald Harvey Jones

When describing his views on art, Gerald Harvey Jones said that art is communication and that he would prefer to convey positivity and hope. Even when painting soldiers, he does not depict them in battle or facing the gruesomeness of war – G. Harvey instead chooses to look at the quiet moments of reflection. This is a very fitting attitude for his modest and down-to-earth nature.

Gerald Harvey (Jones)

G. Harvey (Jones) “Neighborhood Markets”

Gerald Harvey grew up surrounded by the romanticism of the Old West. His grandfather shared memories of being a trail boss and life traveling through the frontier. This influence can be later seen in his depictions of dynamic scenes from history and rural Texas.

A big part of his talent is he balances historic accuracy with emotional resonance through extensive research and an understanding of evocative composition. His impressionist style gives his works a blurry affect which adds to the overall feeling of nostalgia. The lighting is dramatic and striking, often featuring vibrant blues and yellows.

The subjects in his paintings are more like characters in a broader story—each one has their own feelings and concerns. G. Harvey has met much success as an artist. Leaders, captains of industry, and governors are among Harvey’s fans and collectors. Fellow Texan former President Lyndon B. Johnson was also an admirer of his work. His paintings have been featured in sold-out gallery shows, hung in the White House, and have been featured in the Smithsonian Institute National Museum of Natural History. Despite all of his success, Gerald Harvey Jones remains a humble, optimistic man who merely wants to share his thoughts and feelings through imagery.



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