Francis Picabia: “Paysage” in the Gallery

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Picabia | Bord De Riviere | Ackerman's Fine Art

“Paysage” is an exceptional example of Francis Picabia’s work during the early 1900s’ when he was experimenting with Impressionism.  At this stage of his career he is influenced by artists such as Pissarro and Sisley.  It is easy to see that influence in “Paysage”.  At the time of this painting, Picabia’s career was just beginning to take off.  He painted many landscapes in this style, but “Paysage” offers a more colorful pallet then most.  This thick paint and rapid brushwork give this painting wonderful texture and movement.  Works from this time period and subject matter by Picabia has consistently sold well and are highly sought after for collectors. Francis Picabia strives to not copy nature, but instead wants to portray his emotional experience with nature expressed through form and color.  Some of that approach can be seen here in this painting.  Later in his career, he embraced other art movements such as Pointillism, Surrealism and made many contributions to the Dada Movement.

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"Paysage" at Ackerman's Fine Art

“Paysage” at Ackerman’s Fine Art

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      Thank you for your interest in the Francis Picabia painting. Unfortunately it has sold. Please feel free to join our mailing list so you can be notified when more become available.

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