How We Operate

Ackerman’s Fine Art operates with the perspective of a collector in mind at every juncture. We believe that it is important to provide industry-changing transparency, advocacy, stewardship, and integrity with every transaction. We are committed to making your goals our priority, whether you are buying, selling, or consigning a painting.


All transactions at Ackerman’s Fine Art are governed by our industry-changing commitment to transparency. For consignments, the purchaser is made fully aware of the initial asking price, commissions, and any additional fees that are part of the transaction, while the seller is informed of every offer we receive. It is our goal to provide absolute confidence in the value and authenticity of the artwork to all parties involved in a consignment.


By taking the role of an advocate for our clients, we strive to deliver the highest quality artwork at the best value, while keeping all parties informed and up to date regarding the progress of a transaction. This means that for consignments, we diligently work between consignor and consignee to deliver the most concise final transaction structure with the utmost transparency. Our goal is to deliver the highest value purchase price to the seller while ensuring that the purchaser receives a strong, fair market price.


Given that Ackerman’s was founded out of the heart of a collector, we view the buying and selling of paintings as an act of stewardship. Each artwork we handle is afforded the utmost care and protection to ensure that its artistic integrity and value are maintained for each buyer or seller.


Integrity is the foundation and backbone of the service we offer our clients and underlies the transparency and honesty in which we work. We know that when dealing with one-of-a-kind masterpieces, integrity is paramount in maintaining trust and delivering value.


Our guarantee is simple: we guarantee the authenticity of any work you purchase from the gallery for up to seven years from the date of purchase.