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Ackerman’s Fine Art Advisory provides collectors with exceptional service and expertise in all areas of collecting. We assist both new and seasoned collectors in the acquisition and disposition of fine art. Whether you are looking to acquire a new work or sell a current holding, Ackerman’s will help map out a path that seeks to maximize value. We act as your financial fiduciary, and act with integrity and transparency at all times.

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Acquiring Artwork

For those looking to acquire new works of art, Ackerman’s will find the best options available in the marketplace and make recommendations regarding quality and price. Our goal is to save you time, money and aggravation, by finding the best works available and ensuring that they are authentic and have clear title. We are extremely diligent in making sure our clients buy quality pieces at the best possible price. We have access to paintings by most major figures of 19th and 20th century art, both in our own inventory and through our extensive network around the world.

Ackerman’s Fine Art’s advisory services enable you to locate artworks to be proud of and passionate about, both for their aesthetic beauty and their financial value. With our personal guidance and concierge service, you will gain access to a full range of services to assist in building, managing, and refining your collection.

Selling Artwork

In assisting clients with selling works of art, Ackerman’s will tailor the approach, recommending the best course of action for each individual artwork. For collectors looking to sell their art quickly, we offer market prices and provide instant liquidity. To enhance value, clients may also elect to sell via consignment, in which case we make every effort to maximize the final sales. Our extensive list of private clients and worldwide art professionals, coupled with our active marketing program, ensures awareness of available works to the global collecting community.

For works of particularly high value, we often elect to keep them private, offering them only to specific buyers in order to avoid over-exposure to the market. Our goal is always the same: To maximize the financial return for our clients. In addition, we are extremely diligent in protecting intellectual property in order to provide protection from the myriad of art brokers who shop works without authorization. We will never compromise the privacy of our clients, and acting with integrity and transparency is the only way we do business.

 Ackerman’s Advisory also acts as agent, and negotiates favorable terms for clients selling at auction. As a service to our clients, we obtain Certificates (and letters) of Authenticity for most 19th & 20th century artists.

All transactions at Ackerman’s are accompanied by proper documentation provided by our legal representative, a leading New York Law Firm that specializes in fine art.

Protecting Our Clients with Expertise and Integrity

At Ackerman’s Fine Art we provide clients with top-notch advisory and brokerage services, utilizing our own expertise and that of the many important scholars and professionals with whom we have forged relationships over the years. We take great pride in providing unprecedented transparency and discretion in our relationships with those seeking to buy or sell fine art.

As your personal advisors, we are committed to acting with integrity and discretion at all times, and we approach every client relationship in the role of a fiduciary (one who stands in a position of trust and confidence). In keeping with this relationship, Ackerman’s will:

Ackerman's Fine Art

  • Always put the interests of our clients first
  • Always act in good faith
  • Never mislead
  • Always disclose any conflicts of interest
  • Never receive referral fees, commissions, or third party payments without full disclosure
  • Always maintain objectivity

Advisory Services Include:

  • Finding and procuring available paintings from around the globe, with access to an extensive network of dealers, private collections, and auction house offerings.

  • Locating and identifying unique selling opportunities for clients both privately and in the broader fine art marketplace.

  • Determining the market value of artwork and providing a full analysis of sales options.

  • Acting as agent for sellers who wish to sell via consignment with the goal of maximizing client returns.
  • Representing clients in negotiations with dealers, auction houses and other third parties. For sellers who choose public auction, we negotiate preferential terms to maximize value.

  • Unbiased expert advice on authenticity, provenance, and condition.

  • Obtaining Certificates of Authenticity and condition reports as necessary.

  • Guidance on the long-term care and management of your artwork to maximize the value of your collection.

  • Providing assistance with framing, lighting, restoration, and insurance needs.

Buying or Selling at Auction

Ackerman’s has extensive experience dealing with most major auction houses and we provide the following auction-related services:

  • Advising clients as to the best auction venue (both domestic and international) through which to sell their paintings.

  • Negotiating favorable commission rates.

  • Acting as an agent and advisor for clients whether buying or selling.


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