Private Sales

Ackerman’s Fine Art specializes in buying and selling major works of art in the secondary market. We have developed an exclusive network of seasoned art professionals, wealth management firms, art institutions and private collectors from around the world. While we pride ourselves on transparency, Ackerman’s is sensitive to maintaining the utmost privacy of our clients. We are also committed to maximizing value through careful evaluation, due diligence, market expertise and connoisseurship.


Art Advisory/Private Collection Development

Ackerman’s works hand-in-hand with established collectors to value, refine, and expand their collections.  We confer with the collector about potential pieces to purchase, works to move out of the collection, and the method in which to do so. We offer a vast network of collectors and art professionals, as well as exceptional relationships with auction firms, should it be determined that auction is an appropriate venue for releasing a work.

In addition, Ackerman’s offers expertise in locating specific works or appropriate pieces in a particular genre to assist in expanding a collection. For many concierge clients, we maintain an “open to buy” approval that allows us to react instantly to offers as they become available. For new collectors, we offer key advice and recommendations to begin a high-value collection. We assist in developing clear preferences and objectives for a collection with the ability to make purchases on a client’s behalf.

Combining our knowledge and experience with that of our vast network of scholars and art professionals around the world, we provide expert advice to private, corporate, and institutional clients. Ackerman’s assists clients with authentication, valuation, restoration, framing and hanging, and negotiating private sales and purchases. We also help clients build, refine, and divest their collections with a level of personalized service, transparency, and integrity unmatched in the art world.

Authentication Services

Ackerman’s provides authentication services for works by most 19th & both Century artists. We consult with the recognized expert or governing body for a particular artist and obtain Certificates (and letters) of Authenticity as necessary. Unfortunately, there are many individuals and galleries that misrepresent themselves as experts, and collectors often pay for COA’s which are of no value. In cases where no recognized expert exists for a particular artist, Ackerman’s will consult with art historians and other industry professionals to determine authenticity. AFA also assists clients with provenance and verification services.