Taos Painter Ernest Hennings

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Ernest Martin Hennings

Self Portrait – Ernest Martin Hennings

A Taos Founder, Ernest Martin Hennings (1886 – 1956) is known for his depictions of the people and places of New Mexico. Sent to the area in the early 1920s with the support of his patrons, Ernest Hennings’ paintings masterfully captured the light of the southwestern United States, layering thin strokes on top of one another. His technique was unique, first rendering the landscape as the backdrop for his paintings and then adding figures in after the fact. Taos painter Ernest Hennings’ work was brightly colored, capturing the blue skies and vast plains of New Mexico. Focusing on the Native Americans as his subject matter, Ernest Hennings created dynamic portraits and action shots of those residing in the Taos region.

Though it was with the Taoist painters that Ernest Hennings developed his style and came into his own as an artist, he had also experimented with the popular Art Nouveau movement and studied classical realism, thinking it best to be open to many different forms before defining his aesthetic. When he moved to New Mexico, he did just that, and swiftly became regarded as one of the most talented artists in the Taoist movement.

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