When deciding to consign your painting to a gallery, it is most important to work with a trusted partner who can deliver the right potential buyers and the highest value for you as the seller.  In addition, you want and simple, clear, and expedited process.

Here’s our process for receiving a painting on consignment to the gallery:

  1. Each consignment begins with a confidential conversation about the painting and what outcome you seek from the sale.
  2. Identify and describe your artwork: Start by filling-out our online form and submitting images of your artwork.
    • Photographs of the front and back of the painting and a close-up of the artist’s signature.
    • Your knowledge about provenance, or how you acquired the work
    • The artwork’s dimensions – do not include frame or matting
    • The medium – oil on canvas or watercolor for example (NOTE: we do not buy reproductions of any kind)
    • Condition – the present condition. Has the painting been restored? State whether it has been cleaned or if the back is lined. Is there loose paint or damage to the canvas?
    • Authenticity – tell us what documentation you have about the artwork. For European artists, authenticity is required and we will help provide the necessary documentation as part of our service (a 3-6 week process)
  3. We research your artwork and contact you to discuss value and determine the target price you seek.
  4. Once accepted, we deliver our Consignment Agreement, which is a contract that protects both you the consigner and the gallery. After reviewing the Agreement, sign and return to Ackerman’s Fine Art.
  5. Ship your artwork to us for review and authenticate. Please pack professionally and provide Ackerman’s Fine Art with a valid tracking number. Your consigned artwork is now covered under our insurance umbrella for its full purchase price. Once received, we review its condition and verify authenticity, which normally takes one to five business days (expect a longer authentication process for European paintings).
  6. Approve and complete your sale. Once a buyer is secured, Ackerman’s Fine Art issues a General Assignment and Bill of Sale to finalize the sale. Once this is signed and received by all parties, you receive payment via wire transfer or overnight check.

These 5 steps remove uncertainty and confusion when you consign a painting with us. We are glad to assist you and answer any questions you have about the process. Please contact us at anytime to discuss consigning your art: (800) 791-6509 or (914) 517-2900.