Wealthy Families Wipe Out Tax By Handing Over Art

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This article centers around tax law in the United Kingdom, but some of it is applicable to the United States and other countries. Of course, selling-off valuable art pieces is an excellent option for heirs who owe estate taxes and inherit fine art. This was the case in the example below surrounding David Bowie’s estate, and this option is available … Read More

The Art Market and The Tax Man

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This is a very informative and interesting article that focuses on New York tax laws in relation to fine art sales and purchases. However, one need not live or transact business in New York to benefit from some the important tax and use rules spelled out herein. What applies in New York is in fact applicable to many, if not … Read More


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collecting art

The article below should serve as a wake-up call to anyone purchasing investment quality fine art. The sum involved in this case was approaching seven figures, however, this type of thing can happen at any price level. Obviously, the more money involved the greater the temptation to commit fraud, and as we see here, even a well-heeled professional with a … Read More

Hope and Optimism of American Illustrator, John Falter

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American Illustrator John Falter

The art of John Falter is idyllic. Like many American Illustrators of his time, his work is a celebration of Americana and the American way of life. These images are a romanticized vision of America during the middle of the last century. John Falter’s career was largely supported by magazine covers. The Great Depression was in full swing and many … Read More

The Emotion and Nuance of Sean Scully Abstraction

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Artist Sean Scully

Sean Scully is among the world’s foremost current abstract artists. Inspired by everything from Classical ideals to the earthy, Scully is sensitive and spiritual. His art finds new ways to distill powerful meanings into simple geometric shapes. The signature element in a Sean Scully painting is his use of squares and rectangular shapes. The pieces consist of woven or interlocked … Read More

Finding New Forms of Creativity: Surrealist Andre Masson

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Andre Masson | Ackerman's Fine Art

Surrealism was born from the aftermath of the First World War. The overwhelming feeling of loss in the wake of the first modern war birthed new forms of art. Surrealist works served to examine intangible emotion on both the visceral and intellectual levels. The founder of the movement, André Breton, encouraged artists to tap into the unconscious realm of the … Read More

Understanding the Importance of Fine Art Condition Reports

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Art Condition | Ackerman's Fine Art

When first looking at a painting, it might seem like it’s in perfect condition. However, appearances are deceiving. The canvas may have been stripped of its’ varnish, completely repainted, or any number of other restoration techniques could have been applied – none of which are obvious to the casual observer. To protect yourself and your investment, look at a condition … Read More

How Art Stimulates Your Well-Being

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Stimulating Art

Art has always been an important part of humanity, but did you know it contributes to your overall well-being too. Every culture around the world is rich artistic history and presents its own unique style. Before technology, art was more at the center of our lives. Today with so many distractions, art plays an even more important role in our … Read More