Pop Artist Mel Ramos to Receive Lifetime Achievement Award

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Pin up artist Mel Ramos

Epitomizing Pop Art, Mel Ramos’ (b. 1935) work features nude women on display with iconic imagery: posing next to bottles of brand name soda, acting as the surprise inside an unwrapped candy bar, sitting sexily on cigarette boxes, and more. In repurposing visuals from mass media, Mel Ramos, like all the Pop Artists of the 1960s, made the separation between … Read More

Let them Eat Cheesecake: Pin-up Artist Gil Elvgren

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Pin up Artist Gil Elvgren

Since the prehistoric era, men have been creating tantalizing reproductions of the female form in artwork. In the Stone Age, sculptures of voluptuous women abound, and the ancient Roman city of Pompeii is infamous for hosting highly eroticized frescoes throughout its buildings and structures. Renaissance Europe gave birth to images like Botticelli’s The Birth of Venus, a pictorial rendition of … Read More