Francis Picabia: “Paysage” in the Gallery

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Picabia | Bord De Riviere | Ackerman's Fine Art

“Paysage” is an exceptional example of Francis Picabia’s work during the early 1900s’ when he was experimenting with Impressionism.  At this stage of his career he is influenced by artists such as Pissarro and Sisley.  It is easy to see that influence in “Paysage”.  At the time of this painting, Picabia’s career was just beginning to take off.  He painted … Read More

Everett Shinn and The Ashcan School Philosophy

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Turn of the century America saw a shift in focus from rural life to city life. Painters like Everett Shinn were chroniclers of this change. Everett Shinn was an American artist born in New Jersey in 1876. He began his career as a newspaper illustrator, working for such publications as The Philadelphia Press, The World, and Harper’s Weekly. While Shinn … Read More

Rockwell Kent: The Rise, Fall and Comeback

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Rockwell Kent

Rockwell Kent is often identified with the American Social Realists. He had many important influences while studying art. Among those was William Merritt Chase while at the Shinnecock Hills School and Robert Henri at the New York School of Art. Some of Kent’s fellow classmates were George Bellows and Edward Hopper. Rockwell Kent’s style was further shaped during his apprenticeship … Read More

Grace Hartigan: Content and Emotion

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Grace Hartigan was born in Newark, New Jersey in 1922. She was the oldest of four children and created art as a teenager. She did study art briefly but is primarily self-taught. She described herself as a natural colorist, but had to work hard to learn to draw. She became one of the first female Abstract Expressionist painters in New York.  … Read More

A Cowboy Artist of America: Martin Grelle, Available at New York Art Gallery

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Martin Grelle

A modern-day cowboy artist, Martin Grelle (b. 1954) depicts historical settings of the American West with great accuracy. Conducting research to convey his subjects with precision, Martin Grelle’s paintings integrate landscapes with human figures in realistic detail. From Native Americans wandering amidst grand mountainscapes to riders on horseback stopping by a serene stream in the valley, Grelle renders all aspects … Read More

Winter Landscapes by American Impressionist Painter Walter Launt Palmer

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Artist Walter Palmer

Tree branches laden with snow, ponds frozen over, walkways covered in ice: though sometimes treacherous, these winter scenes can also be a wonderful sight. American impressionist painter Walter Launt Palmer (1854 – 1932) sought these white landscapes as subject matter for his art. Even with the blanched skies and colorless snow, Palmer still viewed these winter scenes as an opportunity … Read More