Gustave Loiseau: A Man of All Seasons

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Gustave Loiseau

Gustave Loiseau had a passion for the seasons. He would often paint the same setting during different times of year to capture change. Every individual work showcased the beauty of both the landscape and the season. This painting, “La Seine a Rouen”, is a wonderful example of a subject he painted in different seasons.  It is a peaceful setting, full … Read More

Theo Van Rysselberghe: An artist of Influence

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Coastal Scene is a dazzling display of light. The beauty of this work lies in the minimalism. The only colors are white and blue, but the brushwork gives the water the illusion of movement. It is easy to envision the shimmering shore on a calm summer day. This seemingly effortless technique is characteristic of the works of Theo Van Rysselberghe. … Read More

John Folinsbee and The New Hope School

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The work of John Folinsbee is a reflection of changing times. As the urban sprawl grew, Folinsbee and other Americans looked to the tender nostalgia of the countryside. Folinsbee found much of his inspiration in rural Pennsylvania and the rough coast of Maine. These paintings preserve the small, rustic towns of early America for future generations accustomed to a landscape … Read More

Willard Leroy Metcalf: An American Impressionist

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Known as “Metty” to friends, Willard Leroy Metcalf was the master painter of New England landscapes. He understood the vibrant American landscape and had a great instinct for capturing it. Peers praised his work for its directness and sincerity. Thanks to a prosperous career as an illustrator, Metcalf was able to travel to France and became the first American artist … Read More

The Ideals of Rustic Life from Daniel Ridgway Knight

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Daniel Ridgway Knight

The term genre painting was originally meant to demean those who focused the subject of their art on one particular setting, object, or idea. It was used to dismiss these types of painters in eighteenth century France by critics that felt that art should only express grand ideals. Today, genre painting means scenes of everyday life, ordinary people going about … Read More

Birger Sandzen | Poet Painter

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Birger Sandez

An art critic commenting on Sandzen’s work praised the artist as a “poet painter” that captured the natural world in resplendent color. This is certainly true of Birger Sandzen’s impressive catalogue of paintings—a celebration of nature or, as Sandzen called it, the “great teacher.” Birger Sandzen was born in 1871 in Sweden. In Paris he learned of pointillism—a technique in … Read More

A Closer Look at Jean Pierre Cassigneul

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Jean Pierre Cassigneul

Cassigneul has been painting his extraordinary work since the 1950’s.  His first show was in 1952 in Paris, when he was just 17 years old. He is known for creating works of women in floral hats that often reflect the fashion or the trends of the time. Jean Pierre Cassigneul’s color pallet is bright and vivid. When you take a … Read More