Don’t Get Burned Buying Fine Art!

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buying fine art

Aside from the usual art scams such as being sold fakes and getting ripped off by galleries and dealers who grossly overcharge for artworks, collectors face another existential threat, which is the topic of the article below. The collector in this story is not a novice and should have known better, but hey, we all make mistakes. One of the … Read More

Censorship, Art and Social Media

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Art has often been at the center of controversy. Nudity has been at the heart of such issues with the ongoing debate about what defines art vs porn.  As art is becoming more readily available on social media platforms such as Facebook, it raises the question of where the line should be drawn. Social media has become an important research source … Read More

Understanding Artist Estate Valuations

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Judging art value is to weigh several factors at once. Current sales, auctions, and market trends must be examined and this data then needs to be projected into the future. There are different factors to consider for upcoming artists, the established, and the deceased. When an artist passes away, several hundred works can potentially hit the market at once. This … Read More

Fakes. How do you protect yourself from art forgery?

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It has sadly become a frequent occurrence to read about an art dealer being arrested for selling fake artworks.  Fraud cases in the widely covered case against Knoedler Gallery are just beginning to be settled.  As a collector, you may wonder how you know who to trust and how do you protect yourself. A forgery can, and has, fooled the … Read More

Understanding the Importance of Fine Art Condition Reports

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Art Condition | Ackerman's Fine Art

When first looking at a painting, it might seem like it’s in perfect condition. However, appearances are deceiving. The canvas may have been stripped of its’ varnish, completely repainted, or any number of other restoration techniques could have been applied – none of which are obvious to the casual observer. To protect yourself and your investment, look at a condition … Read More

Factors for Determining the Value of a Work of Art

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Value Work of Art | Ackerman's Fine Art

The value of a work of art is not determined haphazardly. It is a culmination of factors that are weighed against each other. It goes beyond aesthetics or names attached. When valuing art, consider all dynamics and how they affect one another. A good starting point is the history of the piece. Provenance is the history of ownership, exhibitions and … Read More