Gustave Loiseau: A Man of All Seasons

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Gustave Loiseau

Gustave Loiseau had a passion for the seasons. He would often paint the same setting during different times of year to capture change. Every individual work showcased the beauty of both the landscape and the season. This painting, “La Seine a Rouen”, is a wonderful example of a subject he painted in different seasons.  It is a peaceful setting, full … Read More

Epitome of Grace: Fauve Painter Albert Marquet

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The work of Albert Marquet is characterized by delicate and flowing brushwork. Considered to be one of the iconic members of the Fauvists, the majority of Marquet’s paintings were not the bright and bold colors associated with the movement. Instead, he favored colors related to water and harbors – blues, greens, and grays. As a young man, Marquet studied under … Read More

Moise Kisling: A New Point of View

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Artist Moise Kisling

The art of Moise Kisling is striking. Kisling took elements of some of the most prevalent Modern art movements and married them in fascinating ways. Landscapes are similar to Modern art movements such as Fauvism and the Impressionists. Like those movements, Kisling utilized bright, bold colors and captures the essence of the scene, not a simple recreation of real life. … Read More

The Space and Simplicity of Takanori Oguiss

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Takanori Ogisu | Ackerman's Fine Art

France has been the muse of many artists. Takanori Oguiss sought to capture the soul of the streets and corners of Paris.  Originally from Japan, Oguiss became enthralled with his adopted home, delighting in the everyday details.  While the citizens of Paris took for granted the sights they walked pass every day, Oguiss immortalized them on canvas. In the early … Read More

Finding New Forms of Creativity: Surrealist Andre Masson

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Andre Masson | Ackerman's Fine Art

Surrealism was born from the aftermath of the First World War. The overwhelming feeling of loss in the wake of the first modern war birthed new forms of art. Surrealist works served to examine intangible emotion on both the visceral and intellectual levels. The founder of the movement, André Breton, encouraged artists to tap into the unconscious realm of the … Read More

Theo Van Rysselberghe: An artist of Influence

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Coastal Scene is a dazzling display of light. The beauty of this work lies in the minimalism. The only colors are white and blue, but the brushwork gives the water the illusion of movement. It is easy to envision the shimmering shore on a calm summer day. This seemingly effortless technique is characteristic of the works of Theo Van Rysselberghe. … Read More

Collecting Jean Baptiste Corot

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When collecting works by Jean Baptiste Corot, there are certain characteristics that he is known for and therefore prized by art collectors.  Here we will discuss those elements of a great Corot painting and other things that make him such an important artist that is widely collected today. Soft, wistful landscapes were Corot’s specialty. The paintings show untouched natural beauty, … Read More

Christian Schad: Contributions to New Objectivity

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Disenchanted with abstraction, German artists created a new style they dubbed Neue Sachlichkeit or New Objectivity. Their intention was to focus on realism in an unflinching and unromantic manner. Among these artists were Otto Dix, George Grosz, and Christan Schad. Christian Schad was born in 1894 Bavaria. As a boy, he loved both music and art. A faked heart issue … Read More

The Spontaneous Style of George Rouault

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Artist George Rouault

George Rouault’s works overall can be identified by their thoughtfulness and almost private nature. Religious, but never preaching or judgmental, Rouault presents cycles of hardship and salvation. For artists, it is a great source of agony to properly express large ideas.  It can lead to overworked, convoluted art.  To convey an idea concisely was a strength of George Rouault.  Each … Read More

William Stanley Haseltine: Understanding the Romance

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William Stanley Haseltine

A typical painting by William Stanley Haseltine is calming, friendly and has a wonderful romantic quality. Scenes of waves grazing across a worn stony shore, illuminating bright light, and reflective waters are all hallmarks. After graduating from Harvard in 1852, Haseltine briefly studied with Paul Weber, a German landscape artist. In 1855, Haseltine held his first show at the Pennsylvania … Read More