What Makes an Alice Neel Portrait Special

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Portrait artists are tasked with capturing the soul of their subject. Painter Alice Neel commented that she would have gone into psychology if it wasn’t for art. This is evident throughout Neel’s career. Each work is focused on the character and inner workings of the subjects. The paintings are deeply personal in an unflinching and soul-bearing way. The hallmarks of … Read More

Diego Rivera: Defining Mexican Art

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Diego Rivera sought to capture the spirit of Mexico and, in doing so, become one of the country’s most iconic artists. Best known for his large scale murals and controversial politics, Rivera was instrumental in the birth of Mexico’s artistic Renaissance. He blended European and American elements and remade it into something distinctly Mexican. To understand Mexican art, Rivera is … Read More

Daniel Ridgway Knight: Celebration of the French Countryside

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Daniel Ridgway Knight

Daniel Ridgway Knight’s works are best characterized for their openness. Each scene features bright, open sky and a sense that the landscape does not end at the edge of the canvas. The pieces are vibrant and stunningly beautiful. It is a celebration of the outdoors and idealizes the lives of his favorite subject, French peasants. French peasant women were among … Read More

Roy Lichtenstein and the Dichotomy of Commercial Art and High Art.

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During the 1950s and 1960s, Abstract Expressionism sought new ways to explore the emotional and the spiritual through splatters of paint and non-figurative shapes. It began as a question of what can define art.  Pop Art arose as a new voice to this debate. Instead of artists bearing their souls in extreme abstraction, Pop artists sought to recreate the mundane. … Read More

Epitome of Grace: Fauve Painter Albert Marquet

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The work of Albert Marquet is characterized by delicate and flowing brushwork. Considered to be one of the iconic members of the Fauvists, the majority of Marquet’s paintings were not the bright and bold colors associated with the movement. Instead, he favored colors related to water and harbors – blues, greens, and grays. As a young man, Marquet studied under … Read More

Georg Baselitz: Uncomfortable Truths

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Künstler Georg Baselitz gestaltet Zeitung| Ackerman's Fine Art

Art is often used as an exploration of identity. Georg Baselitz contemplated Germany’s past crimes, the Holocaust, and his own place within German society.  While others preferred to turn their gaze elsewhere, Baselitz dealt with these themes unabashed.  These works express the struggle that a generation of people had with their own nation. When Baselitz began painting, many German artists … Read More

The Space and Simplicity of Takanori Oguiss

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Takanori Ogisu | Ackerman's Fine Art

France has been the muse of many artists. Takanori Oguiss sought to capture the soul of the streets and corners of Paris.  Originally from Japan, Oguiss became enthralled with his adopted home, delighting in the everyday details.  While the citizens of Paris took for granted the sights they walked pass every day, Oguiss immortalized them on canvas. In the early … Read More

Artist Frank Stella: Past and Present

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Frank Stella | Ackerman's Fine Art

Photo: Jason Schmidt/CLM Mogul of Modernism At a recent Armory Show, many were enthralled by a pair of steel wall-mounted sculptures, K.484 (test piece or version 2) and K.485.  Some wondered aloud about the new, emerging artist who had completed the work and were surprised to learn that these sculptures were crafted by the well-known Frank Stella.  Stella became famous … Read More