Art Market Regulation: Why It is Badly Needed

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Depending on who you ask, the global art market is currently estimated to be anywhere from $50 to $70 billion annually. Regardless of the actual size, the market for fine art is growing, as is its preponderance as a recognized asset class. However, there are several serious problems with the art market that are exacerbating fraud and limiting its growth potential. … Read More

Rothko Ruling Shows Limits of Art-World Secrecy…and that’s a good thing!

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Art Law

This case sheds light to the validity and enforceability of Confidentiality Agreements used in an attempt to protect the anonymity of sellers of fine art. It is encouraging to see that the courts ruled in favor of limiting the coverage of such agreements, and as such, the liability to the counter parties involved in a fine art purchase. As it … Read More

New Technology may Fight Forgeries in the Art Market

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Art value is reliant on originality. This is tracked and recorded through copyright and provenance. The system is not always perfect. Forgeries and plagiarism can slip through the cracks. However, new advancements in technology may be the key in solving these issues. Blockchain, the program that made Bitcoin possible, is finding new uses in encryption. This software could provide the creative … Read More

Money Laundering and the Art World

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Despite the best efforts of governments and financial institutions around the world, money laundering still accounts for roughly 2-5% of global GDP, or $1-2 trillion dollars annually. As the market for fine art continues to grow and become more readily accepted as an asset class, it has become a popular means for criminals to launder money. Transactions involving artwork are being used … Read More

Understanding Artist Estate Valuations

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Judging art value is to weigh several factors at once. Current sales, auctions, and market trends must be examined and this data then needs to be projected into the future. There are different factors to consider for upcoming artists, the established, and the deceased. When an artist passes away, several hundred works can potentially hit the market at once. This … Read More

Fakes. How do you protect yourself from art forgery?

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It has sadly become a frequent occurrence to read about an art dealer being arrested for selling fake artworks.  Fraud cases in the widely covered case against Knoedler Gallery are just beginning to be settled.  As a collector, you may wonder how you know who to trust and how do you protect yourself. A forgery can, and has, fooled the … Read More

High Tech Collectors and The Art Market

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A new breed of fine art collector has come into the art market – tech company executives. A recent Business Insider article details the impact of these new collectors and the changes on the horizon. With greater demand comes fluctuations in prices. You can expect to see drastic changes in auction numbers and the value of art. The sizable number … Read More