Distinct Style of American Art: Marvin Cone

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Regionalist art became a distinct American style sometime during the Great Depression. It was not a unified movement, but there was a unity in ideals. These were rural artists who wanted to represent everyday life away from the cities. This was both a response to modernism and expression of love for the American countryside.  Marvin Cone is an underrated artist … Read More

Sanford Robinson Gifford – American Lummism Master

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Sanford Robinson Gifford’s art is dramatic and iridescent. Considered by some to be the father of American Lummism, Gifford’s sense of light creates unique and meaningful scenes. His landscapes conveyed deep emotion and went beyond merely capturing an image. Gifford grew up in Hudson, New York. Since he knew the area well, he naturally gravitated towards the Hudson RiverSchool – … Read More

Enduring icons of N.C. Wyeth

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Action/Adventure stories mesmerize readers of all ages. King Arthur brandishing Excalibur, Robin Hood with his trusty band of Merry Men, and scowling pirates are all beloved images that have made up the backdrop of many childhoods. Illustrator N. C. Wyeth became known for his portrays of these tales. Wyeth’s artistic talent coupled with a sense of adventure gave him the … Read More

Maxfield Parrish: Blending Ancient and Modern

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The art of Maxfield Frederick Parrish is a window into a serene, dreamlike world. His illustrations of fairy tales and mythical places are reminiscent of childhood. They capture a sense of wonder. His great technical skill coupled with his sensitivity quickly won him fans. Prints of his work were popular. A survey conducted in 1925 found that one out of … Read More

John Folinsbee and The New Hope School

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The work of John Folinsbee is a reflection of changing times. As the urban sprawl grew, Folinsbee and other Americans looked to the tender nostalgia of the countryside. Folinsbee found much of his inspiration in rural Pennsylvania and the rough coast of Maine. These paintings preserve the small, rustic towns of early America for future generations accustomed to a landscape … Read More

Willard Leroy Metcalf: An American Impressionist

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Known as “Metty” to friends, Willard Leroy Metcalf was the master painter of New England landscapes. He understood the vibrant American landscape and had a great instinct for capturing it. Peers praised his work for its directness and sincerity. Thanks to a prosperous career as an illustrator, Metcalf was able to travel to France and became the first American artist … Read More

William Stanley Haseltine: Understanding the Romance

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William Stanley Haseltine

A typical painting by William Stanley Haseltine is calming, friendly and has a wonderful romantic quality. Scenes of waves grazing across a worn stony shore, illuminating bright light, and reflective waters are all hallmarks. After graduating from Harvard in 1852, Haseltine briefly studied with Paul Weber, a German landscape artist. In 1855, Haseltine held his first show at the Pennsylvania … Read More

Henry Farny: Romantic Realism of the American West

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Western artist Henry Francois Farny

Nineteenth century America saw the expansion of the country and the depletion of Native American land. As the Native Americans were pushed further and further away from their homes, the public became enamored with the idea of them. They felt as if Native American culture was disappearing and constructed romantic notions of these people. Henry Farny was among the first … Read More

Philip Guston: Travels through Modern American Art

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Artist Philip Guston

No art movement or style could hold Philip Guston.  He changed and transformed as it suited him, arguing that painting was essentially impure and wild. To limit art by defining it was doing a disservice. His career was a constant flux of construction and deconstruction. Philip Guston was born in 1913 in Montreal, but grew up in Los Angeles.  He … Read More