Daniel Ridgway Knight: Celebration of the French Countryside

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Daniel Ridgway Knight

Daniel Ridgway Knight’s works are best characterized for their openness. Each scene features bright, open sky and a sense that the landscape does not end at the edge of the canvas. The pieces are vibrant and stunningly beautiful. It is a celebration of the outdoors and idealizes the lives of his favorite subject, French peasants. French peasant women were among … Read More

Roy Lichtenstein and the Dichotomy of Commercial Art and High Art.

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During the 1950s and 1960s, Abstract Expressionism sought new ways to explore the emotional and the spiritual through splatters of paint and non-figurative shapes. It began as a question of what can define art.  Pop Art arose as a new voice to this debate. Instead of artists bearing their souls in extreme abstraction, Pop artists sought to recreate the mundane. … Read More

Collecting Abstract Expressionism

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Abstract Expressionism is a vast and inclusive genre. What sets it apart is not color or technique but intent. The Abstract Expressionists sought to convey spontaneity and raw emotion through abstraction. Many viewed art as ascension to something deeper and more spiritual. Folk lore and the primitive unconscious are often cited as sources of inspiration. From Jackson Pollock’s drip paintings … Read More

Moise Kisling: A New Point of View

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Artist Moise Kisling

The art of Moise Kisling is striking. Kisling took elements of some of the most prevalent Modern art movements and married them in fascinating ways. Landscapes are similar to Modern art movements such as Fauvism and the Impressionists. Like those movements, Kisling utilized bright, bold colors and captures the essence of the scene, not a simple recreation of real life. … Read More

The History and Future of Photorealism

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Bechtle | Twentieth and Texas | Ackerman's Fine Art

The relationship between photography and paintings is surprising symbiotic. The invention of the camera did not spell the end for traditional media. Instead, painters used them as a tool to achieve the affect they wanted. This was the basis of Photorealism, which takes the visual elements of photography and translates it onto canvas. It provides both an interesting challenge for … Read More

The Significance of American Modernism

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During the turn of the nineteenth century, the world changed rapidly. Information and people could move with greater ease. These changes had a profound effect on art. Artists experimented with new materials and techniques. Technology such as photography transformed how visual mediums were explored. This opened many to the idea that art does not need to be a replication of … Read More

Georg Baselitz: Uncomfortable Truths

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Künstler Georg Baselitz gestaltet Zeitung| Ackerman's Fine Art

Art is often used as an exploration of identity. Georg Baselitz contemplated Germany’s past crimes, the Holocaust, and his own place within German society.  While others preferred to turn their gaze elsewhere, Baselitz dealt with these themes unabashed.  These works express the struggle that a generation of people had with their own nation. When Baselitz began painting, many German artists … Read More

The Space and Simplicity of Takanori Oguiss

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Takanori Ogisu | Ackerman's Fine Art

France has been the muse of many artists. Takanori Oguiss sought to capture the soul of the streets and corners of Paris.  Originally from Japan, Oguiss became enthralled with his adopted home, delighting in the everyday details.  While the citizens of Paris took for granted the sights they walked pass every day, Oguiss immortalized them on canvas. In the early … Read More