Wildlife Art by Painter Carl Rungius

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Carl Rungius

The zoo: a place where animals sometimes seem to practically pose to be painted – or in today’s case, photographed. Wildlife artist Carl Rungius (1869-1959) did the former, studying animal anatomy at exhibits while he was in art school at Berlin, sketching what he saw in order to learn more about the habitats and behaviors of the creatures before him. The time he spent examining these animals in captivity would be formative to his body of work as a wildlife artist – he went on to travel from Europe to the States, where he painted majestic animals of the West: elk, black bears, caribou, bighorn sheep, and more.

artist Carl Rungius

Carl Rungius “Elk”

Carl Rungius created his art where his subjects lived: in nature. Considered a naturalist because of his expertise in the physical structure of animals, Rungius was also known for his use of color, which was vibrant and yet organic at once. In fact, Carl Rungius himself once advised, “If you paint outdoor scenes in the studio, your color gets too hot.  Only if you paint outdoors do you see the cool, silvery tones that are the true colors of nature” (wildlifeartjournal.com). With intricate scenery as the backdrops for his paintings, Carl Rungius became known as the artist who painted beautiful landscapes – that also featured animals.


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