William Gollings

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Many artists have attempted to imitate Remington, but William Gollings was the one who perhaps came closest. His works depict a forgotten west which he clearly longs for.

He was born in the Territory of Idaho in 1878, and his early years were spent in a mining camp in Pierce. His early schooling exposed him to perspective and color and he started to show an interest in drawing and painting. His parents wanted him to get an education though, and they sent him to live with an aunt in Michigan. They could not give him good schooling as they moved around so much in search of better paying work. He managed to get himself a mail order paint set, and he used it to produce paintings which earned him entry into the Academy of Fine Art in Chicago.

William Gollings

Bronc Buster

William Gollings was there for only two years before he boarded a train and went to Rapid City, South Dakota. He longed to roam the ranges, and he borrowed a horse and set off alone, working odd jobs for money, food and shelter. He did everything from panning for gold to branding cattle. He stayed for five years, but life was hard and the work was tough. He went back to the Academy in Chicago and was accepted on scholarship. He was back to learning again, and this time he worked hard at painting.

He wasn’t cut out for city life though before long, he moved to Sheridan Wyoming. He built himself a small studio with a skylight, and though he was known for his love of the outdoors, William Gollings started to spend more and more time indoors. He was painting, and during this time, he produced the greatest number of paintings in his life.

William Gollings died young, aged just 54 in 1932. His paintings continue to be loved in all of Western America.