Takanori Oguiss

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Takanori OguissJapanese (1901-1986)

Takanori Oguiss was a Japanese Expressionist painter. He was born in Inazawa, Japan in 1901.  He studied art at the Beaux-Arts de Tokyo and traveled to Paris in 1927 to study under Leonard Tsuguharu Foujita.  His paintings captured the picturesque streets of Paris.  It has been compared to that Maurice Utrillo’s style and technique.  It was in Paris that he began signing his work “Oguiss”.  By 1933, Oguiss had become a part of the Parisian art clique and began working at the Montmartre aux artistes.

Oguiss returned to Japan at the onset of World War II and continued exhibiting his work.  He earned a great deal of recognition from his native country, but he decided to return to Paris in 1948 to establish permanent residency. Takanori Oguiss also wrote and illustrated many publications in France such as “Nouvelles de Paris”.  By the mid 1950’s, retrospectives were already being held for Oguiss and in 1983 a museum was opened and dedicated to him in his hometown of Inazawa, Japan.  Takanori Oquiss’ last exhibition was held at the Museum of Saint-Denis just outside of Paris shortly before his death in 1986.