Paul Serusier

Ackermans Fine Art

French, 1863 – 1927

Paul SerusierPaul Sérusier was born in Paris in 1863. He studied at the Académie Julian in Paris.  By 1888, he went to Pont-Aven and painted with a group of post impressionist artists known as Les Nabis who were influenced by Paul Gauguin. Other members of the group were such well known artists as Pierre Bonnard, Édouard Vuillard and Maurice Denis. The group had disbanded by 1896.

Serusier spent a lot time in Brittany and there he painted local peasants. The work did not focus on the use of pure colors as it did with the Nabis.  With these works, Paul Serusier used a softer color palette.  In 1895, he worked with the monk artists at the Benedictine monastery of Beuron in Germany. Their philosophy was to practice the aesthetic principles of what they called the divine laws of beauty. These laws were believed to be the truths revealed in nature with respect to the proportions of forms and sizes. Serusier also studied Egyptian art, the Italian primitivists, and the tapestries of the Middle Ages.

All of the different influences that Paul Serusier experienced throughout his career shaped him into an artist with a unique and beautiful style.  He died in 1927 in Morlaix.