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The River Seine at Chatou

Maurice de Vlaminck, a French painter, was born on April 4, 1876 in Paris.  He was born to a family of musicians.  Vlaminck began painting in his late teens.  In 1893, he studied at the Ile de Chatou under painter Henri Rigalon.  In 1894, Vlaminck married Suzanne Berly.

When Vlaminck was 23, he met aspiring artist André Derain, with whom he had a life-long friendship.  The two rented a studio together for one year.  In 1902 and 1903, Vlaminck wrote several mildly pornographic novels that were illustrated by Derain.  During this time, Vlaminck painted during the day and earned his livelihood by giving violin lessons and performing with musical bands at night.

Maurice de Vlaminck | Ackerman's Fine ArtIn 1911, Mauire de Vlaminck traveled to London and painted by the Thames.  He painted with Derain in Marseille and Martigues in 1913.  During World War I, Vlaminck was stationed in Paris, where he began writing poetry.  He eventually settled in the northwestern suburbs of Paris.  He married his second wife, Berthe Combes, with whom he had two daughters.  Vlaminck wrote many autobiographies, marred little either by lack of confidence or adherence to the truth.

His works show familiarity with the Impressionists.  Along with André Derain and Henri Matisse he is considered one of the principal figures in the Fauve movement, a group of modern artists who from 1904 to 1908 were united in their use of intense color.  From 1908 his palette grew more monochromatic.  His predominant influence was that of Cézanne.  His later work displayed a dark palette, with heavy strokes of contrasting white paint.

Vlaminck’s groundbreaking paintings, Sur le zinc (At the Bar) and L’homme a la pipe (Man Smoking a Pipe) were painted in 1900.

Maurice de Vlaminck died on October, 11 1958 in Rueil-la-Gadelière.

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