Martha Walter

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Artist Martha Walter

Beach People

Martha Walter was born in Philadelphia in 1875.  She studied art at the Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts. There she had the opportunity to work with William Merritt Chase, who became her mentor.  In 1908, she won the Cresson Traveling Scholarship, which allowed her to travel to Paris and study at the Grande Julien.  While in France, Martha Walter began creating plein-air paintings in the style of the French Impressionists.  The Impressionists has a great influence on Martha Walter and she became known for her brightly colored beach and landscape scenes.  She developed tremendous skills for portraying the quality of light for different times of the day.  This helps give her paintings a special characteristic and charm.

She returned to the United States with the outbreak of World War I.  She would continue to paint beach scenes, capturing the costume of the day and frequently worked at the artist colony of Gloucester.   Martha Walter continued to paint into her nineties. She died in 1976.  Her works are included in important national and international collections, including The Louvre, Musee du Luxembourg, Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts, Art Institute of Chicago and many others.