Marino Marini

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MARINO MARINIItalian, 1901-1980

Born in Pistoia, Marini is particularly famous for his series of stylized equestrian statues. He attended the Accademia Di Belle Arti in Florence in 1917.  Although he never abandoned painting, Marini devoted himself primarily to sculpture from about 1922.  From this time his work was influenced by Etruscan art and the sculpture of Arturo Martini.  In 1928 Marino Marini traveled to Paris where he made his debut as a sculptor, studied with Picasso and other leading modern artists. Marino Marini also was a close associate of Henry Moore.

In 1941 Marino Marini was appointed to the chair of sculpture at the “Accademia di Brera” in Milan. Two years later, he made the acquaintance of some important representatives of contemporary sculpture in Ticino.  Alberto Giacometti, Fritz Wotruba and Germaine Richier encouraged him in his artistic ambitions and inspired his work. His work has a simplicity and his subjects focus, apart from his few portrait heads, to three themes: the female figure, the rider and horse and dancers.  Marino Marini died on August 6, 1980