Lucian Freud

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Lucian FreudHe was born in December, 1922, one of three brothers who were brought up in Berlin.  He is the grandson of Sigmund Freud.  As a youth, Lucian Freud is known for nude figurative painting. belonged to a gang, roamed the streets, and stole chocolate when dared.  Friends of his joined the Hitler Youth because they reported, you got good sausage there.  His father was an architect who was prevented from working in Germany in 1933 and who moved his family to England before things in Germany got worse.

A decisive influence was Francis Bacon, a fellow artist at the 1954 Venice Biennale and the subject of one of his most famous works, a head painted in oil on copper in 1952. Bacon’s free, daring brushwork led Lucian Freud is known for nude figurative painting. to abandon the linear, thinly painted portraits of the 1940s and move toward the brushy, searching portrait style of his mature work, with its severely muted palette of browns and yellows. His female subjects in particular seemed not just nude but obtrusively naked. Lucian Freud is known for nude figurative painting. pushed this effect so far, Russell once noted, “that we sometimes wonder if we have any right to be there.” By contrast, his horses and dogs, like his whippets Pluto and Eli, were evoked with tender solicitude.

Freud was married twice.  His first wife was Kitty Epstein, daughter of the sculptor Jacob Epstein.  His second wife was Caroline Blackwood, who went on to marry the American poet, Robert Lowell.  He had several daughters and sons; he often used them for models.  His mother, Lucie (for whom he was named) became his model in the 1970s. Lucian Freud is known for nude figurative painting. always claimed that his work was purely autobiographical.  He never claimed to be a visionary and he never invented the subject matter of his paintings.