Julian Schnabel

Ackermans Fine Art

Julian SchnabelJulian Schnabel was born October 26, 1951 in Brooklyn, New York.  His family moved to Brownville, Texas when he was very young.  He came from a Jewish background.  His mother was president of the Brooklyn chapter of Hadassah in the late 1940’s and he grew up wanting to become an artist.  He received his BFA at the University of Houston and also studied at the Whitney Museum of American Art in New York.  Julian Schnabel became known for his large ‘Plate Paintings’ consisting of broken ceramic pieces in the early 80’s.

Schnabel is a leader in the Neo-expressionism movement, modern art portraying recognizable objects, usually abstract and vivid with colors.  Known for his bold statements and boisterous personality, he claimed to be ‘The closest thing to Picasso…’, and was heavily criticized by the public in the mid 1980’s.  Although he has always considered himself a painter, he is much better known for his writing and directing of films.

Julian Schnabel just recently reemerged in the art world in 2013 and is currently exhibiting in the United States.  He lives in New York and has studios on Long Island and in New York City.