Juan Gris

Ackermans Fine Art

Juan GrisJuan Gris born in Madrid. He studied mechanical drawing and contributed drawings to local publications. He then went on to study painting with the academic artist José Maria Carbonero.

In 1906 he moved to Paris. He was only 19 years old.  There he became friends with artists Henri Matisse, Georges Braque, Fernand Léger and Amedeo Modigliani. He also became friends with Picasso and considered him his teacher. Gertrude Stein once said that Juan Gris “was the one person that Picasso would have willingly wiped off the map.”  By 1912 Gris had created his own personal Cubist style.  Unlike Picasso and Braque, whose Cubist works were monochromatic, Gris painted with bright harmonious colors in daring, novel combinations in the manner of his friend Matisse.

Gris articulated most of his aesthetic theories during 1924 and 1925. Important exhibitions of his work took place at the Galerie Simon in Paris and the Galerie Flechtheim in Berlin in 1923, and at the Galerie Flechtheim in Dusseldorf in 1925.