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Port de Dieppe

French, 1865-1935

Gustive Loiseau was Born in 1865.  He became an apprentice to a decorator friend of the family.  In 1887, he established himself in Montmartre, first in the Rue Myrrha and then at La Maison du Trappeur.  He enrolled for one year in the Ecole des Arts-Décoratifs in 1888, where he followed courses in life-drawing, which he felt he needed, until an argument with his teacher prompted him to withdraw.

While still working with the decorator, one of Loiseau’s jobs had been to redecorate the apartment of the painter Fernand Just Quignon. Upon his departure from the Ecole des Arts-Décoratifs, Loiseau turned to this landscape painter as his teacher. Gustave Loiseau spent months at Quignon’s studio, but eventually felt disappointed in the approach and methods of his mentor; he sought an attractive and inexpensive location where he could concentrate on landscapes and follow his personal inclinations and artistic convictions.  On the advice of Quignon, a frequent visitor to Brittany, Loiseau arrived in Pont Aven for the first time in May of 1890.  He befriended the myriad of artists in residence there, most importantly Paul Gauguin, as well as Maxime Maufra and Emile Bernard.

Gustave Loiseau developed a type of ‘cross-hatching’* technique, called en treillis (latticework), which gave his paintings the supple, almost touchable quality for which he is known.

He debuted at the Salon des Indèpendants* in 1893, as well as in 1895 at the Salon of the Société Nationale*. He also figured prominently at the group Impressionist* shows in 1890 and 1896.

Toward the end of his life, while maintaining a studio on the quai du Pothius at Pontoise, Loiseau took another studio on the quai d’Anjou in Paris, where he painted from his window, as he had done in Pont-Aven.

Gustave Loiseau died in Paris in 1935.